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Combo Grocery

Combo Grocery

2 kg Deshi Chicken

2 kg Mutton with bone

2 kg Beef with bone

5 kg polau Rice (kalijira/Basmoti)

2 liters pure soabeen oil(Rupchanda/fresh)

2 kg Onion(deshi)

500 gm Garlic

8 pieces Lemon

1 kg Cucumber(sosha/Kheera)

1 kg Lachchi Shemi

2 kg Sugar

100 gm Radhuni Dhonia Gura

100 gm Radhuni Holud Gura

100 gm Radhuni Morich Gura

50 gm Alachi

50 gm Daruhini

50 gm Tezpata

Life Buoy Hand Wash

2 KG Teer Atta

1 Kg Booter Daal

1 KG Chola

1 KG Kheshari Daal

1 Pac Noodles

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NOTE: same day order accepted in dhaka and 2days advance order required for out side of dhaka delivery.

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